Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Inilah barisan kita,
Yang ikhlas berjuang.
Siap sedia berkorban,
Untuk ibu pertiwi!
Sebelum kita berjaya,
Jangan harap kami pulang!
Inilah sumpah pendekar kita,
Menuju medan bakti!
Andai kata kami gugur semua,
Taburlah bunga di atas pusara.
Kami mohon doa,
Malaysia berjaya!
Semboyan telah berbunyi,
Menuju medan bakti!


haa kat sebelah aku ni Peg PR (Capitan Amin) tgh borak ngan wife dia pagi 2. sapa lagi nak sembang ngan aku datang la ker blog ni.komen sikit2. ada cerita lagi kat lebanon ni. aku nak beli baldi kat lebanon. harga kat mesia baru 5 rm, kat sini pun 5 gak tapi 5 usd.giler.baldi sama saiz pun harga mahal. tu belum lagi kena tipu pasal beli coke. 1.5 ltr = 1usd, 2.5ltr =1usd.kat mana untung ?fikir fikir la sendiri.


Demi keselamatan dan privacy anda semua, jangan gunakan Internet Explorer untuk melayari internet. Ini kerana anda semua akan berkemungkinan besar akan digodam dan dicuri maklumat peribadi. Sebuah akhbar di London melaporkan ada kecatatan tahap keselamatan yang baru dikesan pada IE. Aku memang tak guna IE dan takkan berminat untuk menggunakannya. Pada pendapat aku silalah gunakan Mozilla Firefox ataupun Google Chrome. Petikan dari akhbar KOSMO! tentang perkara ini;

Jutaan pengguna Internet Explorer berisiko digodam

LONDON - Berjuta-juta pengguna yang mengakses internet menggunakan pelayar Internet Explorer dari Microsoft mungkin menghadapi risiko komputer mereka digodam kerana terdapat satu kecacatan tahap keselamatan baru, lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.

Pakar-pakar keselamatan menggesa pengguna internet bertukar kepada pelayar internet yang lain seperti Firefox, Opera atau Safari sehingga masalah itu dapat diatasi.

Masalah itu pertama kali didedahkan pada minggu lepas dan ia membolehkan penjenayah siber mengawal komputer serta mencuri kata laluan rahsia sekiranya pengguna melawat laman yang dijangkiti virus. Syarikat antivirus, Trend Micro menyatakan terdapat 10,000 laman web berkompromi untuk mengambil kesempatan terhadap kecacatan tersebut. Setakat ini, laman web itu yang kebanyakannya dari China digunakan untuk mencuri kata laluan permainan komputer bagi dijual di pasaran gelap.

Seseorang penggodam komputer boleh memperoleh sehingga £9,000 (RM49,110) dengan menjual kata laluan itu kepada penggemar permainan komputer.Namun, seorang penasihat keselamatan, Paul Ferguson berkata, terdapat kebimbangan kecacatan itu mungkin dieksploitasi bagi jenayah yang lebih bersifat kewangan. - Agensi
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Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge

First created in the 1950s, the EOD Badge is issued in three levels and is identical for all branches of service. Although each service has its own requirements the basic EOD badge is issued upon completion of explosive handling training and between 18-24 months of on-the-job field training. The Senior EOD Badge is issued after 3-5 years as an explosive ordnance specialist and the Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge is issued after 7-15 years of service in a senior supervisory position.





Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) / Booby Traps
IED Overview
An IED can be almost anything with any type of material and initiator. It is a “homemade” device that is designed to cause death or injury by using explosives alone or in combination with toxic chemicals, biological toxins, or radiological material. IEDs can be produced in varying sizes, functioning methods, containers, and delivery methods. IEDs can utilize commercial or military explosives, homemade explosives, or military ordnance and ordnance components.

They are unique in nature because the IED builder has had to improvise with the materials at hand. Designed to defeat a specific target or type of target, they generally become more difficult to detect and protect against as they become more sophisticated.

IEDs fall into three types of categories:

Package Type IED
Vehicle-Borne IEDs (VBIEDs)
Suicide Bomb IED
Though they can var widely in shape and form, IEDs share a common set of components and consist of the following:

An initiation system or fuze;
Explosive fill;
A detonator;
A power supply for the detonator; and
A container.
Improvised devices are characterized by varying employment techniques. In most of the techniques shown below, an unexploded ordnance (UXO) can easily be engineered to replace a mine or explosive device using one of the several following techniques:

Coupling. Coupling is a method of linking one mine or explosive device to another, usually with detonating cord. When the first device is detonated, it also detonates the linked explosive. This technique is often used to defeat countermine equipment, such as mine rollers
Rolling. The roller will pass over the initial, unfuzed device and set off the second fuzed device. This in turn detonates the overpassed device underneath the clearing vehicle. When the linked devices are directional fragmentation mines, they can create a large, lethal engagement area.
Boosting. Buried mines, UXOs, or other explosive devices are stacked on top of one another. The device buried deepest from the surface is fuzed. Fuzing only the deepest ordnance helps mask no- and low-metal explosive hazards placed near the surface. This reduces the probability of detection by metal detectors, and it increases the force of the blast.
Sensitizing antitank (AT) mines. On some nonmetallic AT mines, the pressure plate is cracked and the spring is removed to reduce the pressure required to initiate the mine. Similarly, the pressure plate can be removed from metallic AT mines to create the same effect. A pressurefuzed AP mine can be placed on the top of an AT mine, thus creating a very large AP mine as an alternative method.
Daisy chaining. AP mines may be used in daisy chains linked with other explosive hazards. Enemy forces may link the mines together with trip wire or detonating cord. When the initial mine is detonated, the other mines may detonate. This may also create large, lethal engagement areas.

Booby traps and IEDs are similar to mines in that they are designed to kill or incapacitate personnel. They are also emplaced to avoid detection and improve effectiveness. Most are victim-activated, but some may involve remote or command detonation architectures.

The use of booby traps is limited only by the imagination of the adversary. Booby traps are victim-activated devices intended to create casualties and terror and may or may not be found in areas of tactical significance.

Booby traps:

Are usually explosive in nature.
Are usually activated when an unsuspecting person disturbs an apparently harmless object performs a presumably safe act; for example, souvenir hunting.
Are designed to kill or incapacitate.
Cause unexpected random casualties and damage.
Create an attitude of uncertainty and suspicion, in effect lowering morale and inducing a degree of caution that restricts or slows movement.
Threaten force protection.
Assume that all mines are booby-trapped.
IED Incident Vs. Non-IED Incident
IED Incidents:

Hand grenade with pin pulled, placed in a small glass with glass filled mortar or plastic of paris.
120-mm HE mortar with hole drilled in shipping cap with an electric blasting cap inserted (placed in a sandbag). Suicide vest—leather-look sleeveless waistcoat with explosives and ball bearing sewn into the interior.
A thrown block of TNT with a grenade fuze inside
Non IED Incidents:

A hand grenade thrown into a building or dropped from a bridge.
A rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) fired at a vehicle from the manufactured launcher. An RPG fired from an improvised launcher (while the launcher is improvised, the round was fired as intended without modification).
A landmine placed in the roadway using the manufactured fuze to initiate it as designed.
A study of the Soviet/Afghan war has proven extremely useful in addressing medical issues associated with mine strikes. Throughout the course of that war, 30 to 40 percent of trauma cases treated by Soviet medical personnel were caused by mine strikes. Necessarily, the Soviets adopted measures to improve force protection, gained a greater understanding of the effects of a mine strike on the body, improved casualty evacuation techniques, and implemented measures to plan for medical contingencies at the lowest level.

Some simple mine countermeasures that increase mine strike survivability include—

Training (refresher) in first aid.
Training in mine awareness.
Wearing flak jackets.
Sandbagging the vehicle floors using fine aggregates because large particles become missiles.
Riding on top of armored vehicles when the tactical situation permits.
Leaving vehicle hatches cracked with the latch pin in place to permit dispersion of the concussive effects of a mine blast.
Disseminating information through intelligence channels and/or the mine information coordination cell.
Injuries sustained during a mine strike are caused by the pressure wave of the primary blast, the penetrating and nonpenetrating wounds of the secondary blast, and the injuries associated with being thrown some distance. The combat medic or lifesaver must be aware of multiple wounds and combination wounds that usually result from a mine strike and must know how to thoroughly treat the patient. Additionally, treatment of shock becomes important, especially since 86.5 percent of Soviet mine strike victims went into shock. Fifteen percent of shock cases were irreversible, and the victim died in a short period of time.

Komputer Kena Bomb

Hari ini, semalam merupakan tragedi bagi aku.komputer aku kena bomb.gara2 aku nak update bios.punya le susah takde komputer ni.macam nak marah jer.kalo software tu dah lama settle.tapi ini melibatkan hardware.jenuh aku cari reference untuk repair. akhirnya aku kena ikhtiar cara lain. satu lagi aku heran camne org arab ni untuk jual ayam.kalo beli ayam kat pasar 8usd dan kalo siap masak pun 8 usd.kat mana dia untung.pelik betul.kena tipu lagi la org malaysia ni.

Lirik Lagu Ketahuan - Matta Band

dari awal aku tak pernah
percaya kata-katamu
karena ku hanya melihat
semua dari parasmu

terakhir kau bilang padaku
kau tak kan pernah selingkuh
tetapi ternyata dirimu
bermain di belakangku

saat kumelihatmu
kau sedang bermesraan
dengan seorang
yang ku kenal

wo oh.. kamu ketahuan
pacaran lagi
dengan dirinya
teman baikku

wo oh.. kamu ketahuan
pacaran lagi
dengan dirinya
teman baikku

kembali ke **

tapi tak mengapa
aku tak heran
kar’na dirimu
cinta sesaatku

(wo oh.. aku ketahuan
pacaran lagi
dengan dirinya
teman baikmu ) 2x