Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lebanon From Satellite



Land Rovers - especially Series 3 military vehicles. I used to own drive an ex-MOD Series 3 109" Land Rover, but have had to drive alone. These pages were developed during my experience to drive and are being kept online in-case they are of use to anyone else. Recently, a Land Rover FFR is good expecially UNIFIL 6114. 

When I lived in the LEBANON, my "car" was a little unusual, in that it was an ex-MoD Series 3 109" Land Rover. The Malaysian Army took delivery in Oktober 2008, making it a little older than myself. After being passed around the camp and a couple of stints in Southern Lebanon during the mission (probably as a reserve vehicle), it joined the mission UNIFIL as Malaysian Infantry Company where it stayed until being Oktober 2008. It is the 3/4 tonne FFR (Fitted For Radio) variant, although when I drived it, the most obvious FFR features (radio seat, and tuner heads) had been removed.